Gordon Bailey, the president of Precision Coach Inc. specializes in custom manufacturing to meet his customers desires for specifically built vehicles and all categories of cabinetry and millwork. His workmanship displayed on this web site dates back to 1978. He can turn your dreams into reality.

Our services include:

  • New custom ordered MOBILE MEDICAL UNITS :  Precision currently has 2-45ft. PREVOST RENAL DIALYSIS BUS CONVERSIONS operating with Alberta Health Services. This services is also called kidney dialysis. Other types of mobile medical health units/hospital rooms are available on request: such as:  mammography, dental, MRI, CT, PET, scan, lithotripsy treatment, TV production and broadcasting, mobile laboratories for on-site industrial applications .
  • Prevost , MCI,  motor homes, motorhomes, entertainer and corporate coach conversions.
  • RV remodeling and renovations,   renovations of existing bus conversions,  motor homes, motorhomes,
  • Renovations and remodeling of luxury motorcoaches
  • Wheelchair accessible conversions, wheelchair accessible motorhomes, motor homes
  • Custom orders of quality millwork and cabinetry  for:  kitchens, bathrooms, bars, book cases, desks, wall units, bedroom suites, reception and commercial counters, a special request is always considered.

Gordon Bailey, the president of Precision Coach Inc. established in 1988, was motivated to form the company by his love of the RV lifestyle.  With a background in furniture and cabinetmaking, and an understanding of mechanical systems because of his passion for automobiles, he perceived a lack of quality and features in motor homes at all levels.  He began by completely re-designing a motor home for use as a show unit. Through the years he has performed countless renovations for customers with similar concerns.

Precision Coach products are custom manufactured to ensure that your investment accommodates your specific needs and desires.  Cabinetry is designed to maximize volume while maintaining a flowing design.  Any species of, high grade kiln dried, hardwood or softwood  can be requested, some of the popular ones include, cherry, mahogany, maple, birch and oak.  Plastic laminate is also available.

IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A 40-45 FOOT MOTOR HOME  HERE IS WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER A BUS CONVERSION  and avoid the pitfalls of leakage and body delamination that have been known to occur in conventional motor homes.:-  If you are looking for a diesel pusher motor home in the US $200,000 and up price range, we suggest that you consider renovating an existing bus conversion.  We recommend a bus because of the superior body integrity and ride qualities.  A bus conversion gives you all the benefits of a commercially designed chassis and body built to go millions of miles.   Consider a 15 year old bus professionally converted using a factory conversion shell, never been in commercial use, with a new price of approximately US $600,000 and up, current selling price approximately US $175,000, giving a paid depreciation of US $425,000.   It probably does not have more than 150,000 miles on it, and looks and runs like new.  With proper maintenance the chassis won’t require major service until 450,000 miles or more.  You might want a different color scheme, with an updated or complete new interior, including floor plan changes if required. These renovations can be provided to any level you desire, from minor changes such as flooring for a few thousand dollars, up to the complete interior for $70,000 to $150,000.  Mechanical and electrical systems upgrades are also a service we provide.  Precision Coach has the answer at a fraction of the cost of a new coach.

Precision Coach Inc. provides a limited lifetime warranty on all work they perform on private vehicles, 1 year on commercial vehicles, as well as applicable manufacturers warranties on the chassis and all components.

We have toll-free technical support available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our products embody functionality and integrity without proprietary and overly complicated technology.

Precision Coach products are custom manufactured to ensure that your investment accommodates your specific needs.